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Rory and Skye “Cover Dogs”

An oil painting of my two Belgian Trevurens graced the cover of – Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Love knowing that thousands of Vets will be looking at my 2 Trevurens and it won’t cost me a cent for a change!


WE ARE ON VACATION! Orders may be placed April 1st thru April 9th   —  but will NOT be fulfilled until April 10th. APRIL 1st 12pm (EST) thru and April 9th at 12pm … … you may place an order but is will not be processed until I get home the afternoon of April 9th. […]

New Nosework® Supplies for 2014!

We have added lots of NEW ITEMS for 2014 and reduced some prices too! CELEBRATE the New Year with NEW Supplies to help you in your NOSEWORK® Training. Go to k9nwsource products to give yourself the GIFT of Fresh Target Odor Fresh Scented Q-Tips Clean Rust Free Tins Tweezers and Hemostats for Better Handling of Q-Tips and […]